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3000 tons of curing agent production

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Major equipment: water treatment equipment, air compressor, vacuum pump, automatic control system, the reactor, condenser, Mount Huangshan Yuxin industry and trade limited company in procurement of equipment, will negotiate according to actual situation, if your company has the need for intervention, please and contact related departments.
Introduction: in the project: the total project investment is 30000000 yuan, of which environmental protection investment is 1000000 yuan, total 33000 square meters of land. The main contents of Construction: new production workshop two buildings, the construction of 6 production lines of beta hydroxyalkylamide curing agent, is the audit record, equipped with 6 sets of 2500L reactor, 12 sets of 4000L crystallization kettle and other facilities, the total scale of production for the annual production capacity of 3000 tons of beta hydroxyalkylamide curing agent; supporting treatment of waste gas, wastewater temporary storage of hazardous waste management, environmental engineering.