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Outdoor pure polyester curing agent

Text: [Big] [middle][small] Release date: 2014-4-11  Views: 1417
  1 material properties
  Compounds containing hydroxyl alkyl amide groups in the protection of weather resistant polyester powder coating, are excellent curing agent, compared to the widely used at home and abroad in the curing agent TGIC, has the characteristics of low toxicity, non irritating to the skin, fast curing speed, the powder coating product prepared with outdoor performance outstanding, is green environmental protection type products real.
  In the 2 technical indicators
  In the application of: 3
  In the HAA in the low activation energy, and therefore can not use the traditional TGIC with carboxyl polyester, and to choose a dedicated HAA polyester, such as DSM de P855, P865, CC7630, CC7618 and Cytec, CCE37498, Hangzhou and 9337-T105, Zhejiang Tiansong 3099 etc..
In the acid value in polyester 30-35mgKOH/g, F125 dosage is 5% of the amount of polyester, the amount of F125B was 6% of the amount of polyester.
  Manufacturing method: in HAA system and other system of powder is basically the same, but in order to dispersion strengthening HAA, extrusion temperature should be slightly higher, about 125 DEG c..
In in the curing conditions were: 180 ℃ or 190 ℃ /10 ~ 12min /15min.
  4 HAA and TGIC performance than
  5 packaging
  Polyethylene Lined kraft paper pack, the net weight of each bag is 25kg.