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The production process of hydroxyalkyl amide

Text: [Big] [middle][small] Release date: 2014-4-11  Views: 1676
The invention discloses a production process of a beta hydroxyalkylamide, with carboxylic acid alkyl ester and an excess of beta alkanol amine as raw materials in the heating, stirring after aminolysis reaction, adding volatile acid damage alkaline catalyst, further warming and bubble blowing combination of vacuum distillation process continue to remove by-products and unreacted beta alkanolamine with inert gas, and then discharge, cooling, crushing directly obtain high purity beta hydroxyalkylamide powder products. The present invention with inert gas bubble blowing organic solvent crystallization process scan combined with vacuum distillation process to replace the traditional products are purified, the whole process without the addition of acetone, methanol and other organic solvents, to obtain high purity beta hydroxyalkylamide products at the same time, to avoid the loss of crystallization solvent and its pollution to the environment, is a new the production process of low material consumption, low pollution.