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Low curing agent amount of polyester resin

Text: [Big] [middle][small] Release date: 2014-4-11  Views: 1555
In recent years the price of raw materials continued to rise (such as the preparation of epoxy resin, bisphenol A, epichlorohydrin and other raw materials), resulting in powder coating production costs are rising. Polyester resin is one of the most important raw materials in powder coatings, the proportion is the largest, therefore the use of low price polyester resin as the main means of Powder Coatings powder manufacturers to reduce costs. In order to reduce the cost of polyester resin, polyester resin suppliers use defective part of cheap raw materials instead of genuine, such as the use of terephthalic acid landing material replacing part of purified terephthalic acid, or chemical properties of low-cost raw materials instead of chemical properties such as high material, with a large number of hydrophilic ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol instead of Neopentyl glycol. Resin obtained or the so-called "black" resin will lead directly to the film water resistance and durability decreased [1], no doubt to the powder coating the user left hidden quality danger greatly, the resulting economic loss is immeasurable.
In in in order to reduce cost, in powder coatings to reduce the amount of curing agent is another effective way for reducing the cost of powder coatings, the economic benefit is obviously. So we put into making financial and technical strength of a series of low amount of curing agent polyester resin is prepared, based on ensuring the conventional polyester resin performance, effectively reduce the content of curing agent for powder coating, thereby reducing the cost of the preparation of powder coating. The synthesis and application of this kind of polyester resin are discussed.