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  Renaissance beauty ® AM-641 is used as a pure polyester powder coating beta hydroxyalkylamide curing agent, the same performance with the international well-known brand PrimidRXL-552. Compared with TGIC should be the main characteristics of resistance to beauty ® AM-641 is environmentally friendly and so it is not necessary a toxic signs; in addition also has the advantages of less dosage, low price, at the same time, low curing temperature, stable quality and good storage property, it is recognized as the most promising alternative to TGIC a.
  In the Chinese commodity name] [in the Renaissance beauty ® AM-641
  In the English commodity name] in [Infinamide R AM-641
  In the Chinese [name]: N, N, N', N'- four (2- hydroxyethyl) has two amide
  In the English [name]: N, N, N', N'-Tetrakis (2-hydroxyethyl) adipamide
  In: [structure]

  [Formula] C14H28N2O6
  In [320.38]: molecular weight
  In the [CAS] 6334-25-4 in the registry
  The main quality index: [in]
  In: appearance: white crystalline powder
  In the melting point: in 120 ~ 127 ℃ (GB 617-88)
  In the hydroxyl value: 620 ~ 760: (mgKOH/g) (GB/T 7193.2-87)
  In the non volatiles in: ≥ 99% (GB 1725-79)
  The main technical performance: [in]
  In: (60 ℃) ≥ 91%
  In: impact resistance > 50kg/cm
  In ≥ 6mm in cupping test
  In in the pencil hardness ≥ H
  In in the artificial accelerated aging gloss retention (1000 hours) 76%
  Method of use: in [suggested]
  In the official Renaissance beauty: because ® AM-641 energy, not the traditional TGIC with carboxyl polyester, and selecting a special polyester hydroxyalkylamide curing agent, such as DSM, P855, P865, CC7630, CC7618 and Cytec, CCE37498 etc..
  In the acid value in the polyester in 30 ~ 35mgKOH/g, Renaissance beauty ® AM-641 dosage of polyester 5-6% content,
  In the proposed in the extrusion temperature between 115 ~ 120 ℃.
  In the proposed in the curing conditions were: 180 ℃ or 190 ℃ /10 ~ 12min /15min.
  In the packaging, storage and security: [items]
  This product adopts polyethylene: in plastic bag and bag, net weight is 25kg/ bag.
  Please beware: when the storage in the rain damp, fire and heat insulation.
  In the product such as: failed to run out of time, please immediately sealed packaging, in order to prevent thesurplus product moisture absorption.
  In this article: non corrosive, low toxicity, does not belong to the dangerous goods, harmless to the environment.